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New Barn for Tom and Roger Hasz Dairy Services Building New Home for Jim and Jodi Backus

Joe and Deb Glinicki building Randy and Susan Reigel building Jesse and Nickki Rueth building

Richard Kortbein building Tim and Terry Schmitz building Golden Grain Storage

Rick and Pam Rueth home House Deck Addition Ken and Becky Harm Home

Merry Vale Farms Vita Plus  Overdrawn Archery Building

Ryan and Sunni Opelt Building Truck Scales Before Photo

After Photo Kim and Kendal Schmidt John and Sandy Denfeld Slab

John and Laura Gardner Hoesly building John and Sandy Denfeld Building

Tim and Terry Schmitz Building Kirk Haslow Building Ed and Lynn Crothers Building

Basketball Court for 3 Sons Brad and Sara Schecklman Building open side building
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Projects by Kadolph Construction

Various photos of Kadolph Construction

Whether you are building a new home, barn or shed, remodeling the old one, or adding to the current one, you can rely on Kadolph Construction to do the job.

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